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Manual Ventilator Transport Kits


Manual Ventilator Transport Kits are available with or without a 3.0 L latex breathing bag. Both configurations consist of a 15 mm I.D./22 mm O.D. patient elbow with a dial bleed valve and manometer port with tethered cap. The distal end has an oxygen port swivel connector for the attached 7' star-lumen oxygen line. The Portex® Manual Ventilator Transport Kits are single-use, disposable, positive pressure partial rebreathing devices used while moving a patient from one location to another when the use of oxygen is necessary and the patient requires ventilation.

  • Ordering Information

    Box quantity: 1

    Please see the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

  • Product Benefits

    • Standard 15 mm/22 mm fittings at the patient end can be attached to ISO connectors of masks and endotracheal tubes.
    • The oxygen port swivel connector rotates allowing the clinician to position the kit precisely, reducing torque on the patient connector.
    • The 7' star-lumen oxygen line resists kinking.

Product Specifications

Manual Ventilator Transport Kits

Reorder Code15 mm I.D./22 mm O.D. ElbowBreathing BagOxygen LineUnits Per CaseContains Latex
385000with Dial Bleed Valve; Manometer Port with Tethered Cap-7' (2.13 m) Star Lumen25No
385100with Dial Bleed Valve; Manometer Port with Tethered Cap3.0 L Latex7' (2.13 m) Star Lumen20Yes