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Portex® Blue Line Ultra® Suctionaid Tracheostomy Tube Kit


Supplied as a kit including Blue Line Ultra® Suctionaid tracheostomy tube, two inner cannulae, cleaning brush and tracheostomy tube holder.

  • Product Benefits

    • Blue Line Ultra® Suctionaid tube features an integral suction lumen to aid removal of secretions from above the cuff
    • Thermosensitive PVC – provides sufficient rigidity for initial insertion, and then softens at body temperature to accommodate individual patient anatomy
    • 105° angle for comfort in-situ
    • Tube is suitably radiopaque to enable confirmation of tube position
    • Soft Seal cuff – velvet soft; low pressure, high volume cuff, with larger cuff resting diameter
    • Clear markings on pilot balloon provide relevant information
    • Flange is soft and clear
    • Obturator features special clip design to minimise tube tip movement during insertion

Product Specifications

Blue Line Ultra® "Suctionaid" Tracheostomy Tube Kit

Cuffed Tube

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