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Rescal® inspiratory force pressure adapters


The Rescal® inspiratory force pressure adapter is used during the measurement of inspiratory force to connect a gauge to the patient's airway. This lightweight adaptor is intended to aid in manipulation at the airway. The 15mm I.D. connection fits directly on the ET tube.

  • Ordering Information

    Box quantity: 25

    Please see the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

  • Product Benefits

    • Small adapter.
    • 15mm ID tapered fitting.
    • Finger port.
    • Lightweight and intended to reduce tension on the airway.
    • Connects directly to the tracheal tube.
    • User can cover with finger or thumb to take measurements.

Product Specifications

Rescal® inspiratory force pressure adapters

Reorder CodeDescription
33-3400Rescal Inspiratory Force Adaptor
55-4700NIF-Kit with Pos/Neg Gauge and Rescal Adaptor
55-4800NIF-Kit with Negative Gauge and Rescal Adaptor