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SPECTRO2™ Oximeter Miscellaneous Accessories


SPECTRO2 ® Oximeter Miscellaneous Accessories

Product Specifications

SPECTRO2 ® Oximeter Accessories

Reorder Code Description
N/A SPECTRO2 ® Pulse Oximeter Service Manual (CD)
WW1027 Printer Paper - 5-pack (for use with WW1026)
WW1067NC Remote Alarm Cable - normally closed
WW1067NO Remote Alarm Cable - normally open
WW1922HU SPECTRO2 ® Pulse Oximeter Home Use Guide

SPECTRO2 ® Pulse Oximeter Operation Manuals

Reorder Code Description
WW1922bp Portuguese - Brazil
WW1922en English
WW1922es Spanish
WW1922fr French
WW1922it Italian
WW1922nl Dutch
WW1922pt Portuguese

SPECTRO2 ®Pulse Oximeter Operation Manuals

Reorder Code Description
WW1922de German
WW1922sv Swedish