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Capnocheck® II Hand-Held Capnograph/Oximeter/Carbon Dioxide Detector


The Capnocheck® II Handheld Capnograph/Oximeter is a full featured, highly portable unit in your choice of configurations, delivering capnography only or capnography combined with oximetry. Ideally suited for use in and out of the hospital, its back-lit display assures easy viewing of waveforms, numeric values and on-screen trending data. The battery-operated design with optional battery bypass offers the flexibility to accommodate both stationary and transport applications. Plus, an infrared link to an external printer provides quick, trouble-free downloading.

  • Product Benefits

    • Measures EtCO2, inspired CO2, respiration rate, SpO2 and heart rate
    • Displays waveforms, trends, and numeric values
    • Adjustable alarm limits
    • Visual and audible alarms
    • Sidestream technology accommodates intubated and non-intubated patients

Product Specifications

Capnocheck® II Capnograph Only

Reorder CodeDescription
8401Capnocheck® II Capnograph Only w/Battery & Charger
8401MDDCapnocheck® II Capnograph Only w/Battery & Charger, MDD version

Capnocheck® II Hand-Held Capnograph/Digital Oximeter

Reorder CodeDescription
8400DCapnocheck® II Handheld Capnograph Digital Oximeters w/Batteries & Charger
8400DMDDCapnocheck® II Hand-Held Capnograph Digital Oximeter w/Battery & Charger, MDD version

Capnocheck® II Hand-Held Capnograph/Oximeter

Reorder CodeDescription
8400Capnocheck® II Hand-Held Capnograph Oximeter w/Battery & Charger
8400MDDCapnocheck® II Hand-Held Capnograph Oximeter w/Battery & Charger, MDD version

Capnocheck® II Hand-Held Capnograph/Oximeter Accessories

Reorder CodeDescription
1101ADivided CO2/O2 Nasal Cannula - Adult
1102Pediatric O2 Nasal Cannula
1102PDivided CO2/O2 Nasal Cannula - Pediatric
1105Airway Adapter - straight with filter
1121Adult Oral/Nasal CO2/O2
1123Adult Oral/Nasal CO2
1130Pediatric Nasal CO2
1131Infant Nasal CO2
1151Pediatric Airway Adapter - without filter
1152Pediatric Airway Adapter - with filter
1300Disposable Adult Finger Sensor (over 45 kg)
1301Disposable Pediatric Finger Sensor (15 - 45 kg)
1302Disposable Neonate Finger Sensor (under 3 kg)
1303Disposable Infant Finger Sensor (3 - 15 kg)
1895Capnocheck® II Capnograph/Oximeter Manual
3025Infant Wrap Sensor
3026Neonate Wrap Sensor
3043Universal "Y" Sensor
3044Finger Sensor
3049Microfoam Adhesive Strip (use with 3025, 3026, 3043)
3078Ear Sensor
3134Neonate Attachment Tape
3135Infant Attachment Tape
3137Infant Attachment Tape
3178Pediatric Finger Sensor (5 - 45 kg)
33115 ft Oximetry Cable
3444Comfort Clip® Finger Sensor
5093ETCO2 Calibration Gas (105 psi)
80448 ft. CO2 Sample Line
8061Calibration Gas Flow Regulator with Gauge
8208Gas Manifold Filters
82114 ft. CO2 Sample Line
8217Calibration Kit with 5093 Cal Gas
8404Battery Charger
8404ABattery Charger, 220V
8408Battery, 7.4 V Lithium-Ion Rechargeable
8409Pole Mount Bracket
8411Infrared Printer
8412Capnocheck® II Protective Rubber Boot with carrying strap
84168411 Printer Paper
ww114015 ft. CO2 Sample Line