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Epidural Filters, Flat with Luer Lock


Smiths Medical low volume bacterial filters are available from PORTEX®. These filters may be used for the in-line filtration of low volume doses of aqueous solutions. These are especially suitable for filtration for drug solutions during injection into the epidural space in order to protect the patient from the transmission of infection or other particulate matter. We recommend use of these filters with a syringe no smaller than 10ml capacity to avoid undue pressure.

  • Product Benefits

    • 0.2μm hydrophilic membrane
    • Flat profile for patient comfort
    • Male rotating collar Luer Lock and female Luer Lock connections allow for easier adjustment of filter and catheter connector to ensure they lie flat on patient thus helping to improve patient comfort
    • Transparent to allow visual monitoring of filtration
    • Low priming volume

Product Specifications

Epidural Filters Flat

Reorder CodeMembrane pore sizeMax Pressure kg/cm2Filter Area cm2Priming Volume mlBox Quantity
100/386/0100.2μm hydrophilic 2-way8.085.250.810