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Needleless Spinal Anesthesia Trays


Smiths Medical offers a complete line of Spinal Anesthesia Trays, and Packs in your choice of needle size and style. In the USA, all trays are available with one, two, or a variety of procedural drugs. The most common tray configurations are offered with Needle Safety. Custom tray configurations for all your Spinal Anesthesia needs are also available.

  • Ordering Information

    Box quantity: 10
    Minimum order quantity: 1

    Please see the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

  • Product Benefits

    • Custom Capabilities
    • Extensive standard tray options including trays with multiple spinal needles and multiple procedural drugs (drugs available in USA only)
    • Small package footprint to take up minimal shelf space
    • Needle safety in standard or custom trays

Product Specifications

Needleless Spinal Anesthesia Prep Tray

Reorder Code Spinal Needle Introducer Needle Procedural Drug(s) Detail
15548-20 - 20G x 1 1/2" Tetracine 1%, Lidocaine 5% in Dextrose, Bupivacaine .75% in Dextrose 25gx 1 1/2" Skin wheal needle, 27g x 1/2" needle preattached to 3 mL plastic Luer slip syringe, 20g x 1 1/2" needle preattached to 5mL glass Luer slip syringe, Needle stick pad, 5 Micron Procedural filter, Tetracaine 1%, 2 mL, Lidocaine 5% in Dextrose 7.5% 2mL, Bupivacain .75% in Dextrose 8.25% 2 mL, Lidocaine 1% 5mL, Epinephrine (1:1000) 1mL Dextrose 10% 5mL.
49691 - 20g x 1 1/2" - 25g x 1" Skin wheal needle, 22g x 1 1/2" Hypodermic needle, 19g x 1 1/2" Aspirating filter needle, 3 mL plastic Luer slip syringe, 5mL glass Luer slip syringe, Lidocaine 1% 5mL, Epinephrine (1:1000) 1mL.
Notes: All standard tray configurations include the following components unless otherwise noted: Prep Components - Sponge Applicators, Fenestrated Paper Drape, Towel(s), Povidone-Iodine Solution, Gauze Sponges.