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Waste Bag Collection Systems


Waste Bag Collection Systems from Smiths Medical.

Product Specifications


Waste bag collection system for use with a three port manifold. Provides a closed system to safely flush and fill the manifold and other devices connected with a saline solution when required. Unwanted waste fluid in the manifold system can be safely discarded into the waste collection bag. All with simple use of the contrast control syringe connected to the manifold. Prevents aerosol contamination and spillage of waste fluid.

Reorder Codeunits / case

Waste Bag Collection Systems (FDA Cleared)

Reorder CodeDescriptionunits / case
MX225Abscess drainage system10
MX815Flush-n-Fill waste bag collection system20
MX815EFlush-n-Fill extra waste bag collection system20
MX8171,200ml replacement waste bag25