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NU-SITE® capped luer activated valve


NU-SITE® capped luer activated valve Click on "Image" in table below for larger view of check valve.

Product Specifications

Add-On Check Valves

Reorder Code Image Description Features Approx. Priming Volume Approx. Overall Length units / case
MX743 Nu-Site® Needle-Free Valve, Non-Vented Blue Cap with Female Luer Lock and Male Luer Lock Non-DEHP Formulation, Latex-Free 0.3 mL 1" (3 cm) 100
MX745 Mini Duckbill Back Check Valve with Male Luer Lock. Non-DEHP Formulation, Latex-Free, Non-PVC 0.1 mL 1" (3 cm) 100