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Ambulatory Chest Drainage Kit


Designed specifically for accident and emergency situations, the kits include all the essentials to perform chest drainage and permit the safe mobilisation of patients when underwater seals cannot be established or are not practical.

  • Product Benefits

    • Choice of catheters with Flexible Introducer, Blunt-Tip Trocar, Standard-Tip Trocar
      • Ambulatory Chest Drainage System with integral tubing
      • Syringe for primary flutter valve
      • Scalpel No 10
      • Suture pack No 0 (3.5), 1m long
      • Inner sheet sterile field
      • Double wrapped in a robust, compact and lightweight pack. Ideal for emergency rooms or for carrying on board emergency vehicles

Product Specifications

Ambulatory Chest Drainage Kit - Blunt-Tip Trocar

Reorder CodeSizeOD (mm)
200/902/28028 F9.24mm

Ambulatory Chest Drainage Kit - Flexible Introducer

Reorder CodeSizeOD (mm)
200/901/28028 F9.24mm
200/901/32032 F10.56mm
200/901/36036 F11.88mm

Ambulatory Chest Drainage Kit - Standard Trocar

Reorder CodeSizeOD (mm)
200/900/28028 F9.24mm