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Thoracic Catheters


Designed for retrograde insertion for post-operative drainage following cardiothoracic or thoracic surgery.

  • Product Benefits

    • Kink-resistant smooth finish PVC
    • Streamline
    • Radio-opaque line
    • Large smooth finish drainage eyes
    • 2cm graduations
    • Choice of either Straight or Angled
    • Supplied with size-specific large bore and tapered connector
    • Specific pediatric connectors

Product Specifications

Angled Thoracic Catheters

Reorder CodeSizeOD (mm)Length (mm)StandardEyesConnector
200/812/16016 F5.28mm450mm-4Pediatric
200/812/20020 F6.60mm450mm-6Adult
200/812/24024 F7.92mm450mm-6Adult
200/812/28028 F9.24mm450mm-6Adult
200/812/32032 F10.56mm450mm200/817/3206Adult
200/812/36036 F11.88mm450mm-6Adult
Notes: Reorder Code refers to SOFT catheter.

Straight Thoracic Catheters

Reorder CodeSizeOD (mm)Length (mm)StandardConnectorEyes
200/810/10010 F3.30mm200mm-Pediatric2
200/810/12012 F3.96mm230mm-Pediatric2
200/810/16016 F5.28mm450mm200/815/160Pediatric4
200/810/20020 F6.60mm450mm200/815/200Adult6
200/810/24024 F7.92mm450mm200/815/240Adult6
200/810/28028 F9.24mm450mm200/815/280Adult6
200/810/32032 F10.56mm450mm200/815/320Adult6
200/810/36036 F11.88mm450mm200/815/360Adult6
Notes: Reorder Code refers to SOFT catheter.