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PressureEasy® Cuff Pressure Monitor


The PressureEasy® Cuff Pressure Controller is designed to continuously monitor tracheal cuff pressure. Its indicator window signals cuff pressure is maintained between 20-30cm/H2O. In addition, the airway pressure auto-feedback feature boosts cuff pressure to ensure proper sealing when high pressures are used during ventilation. The only device of its kind, the PressureEasy® Cuff Pressure Controller offers several other advantages over traditional methods of cuff pressure control. As a single-patient use device, this cuff pressure controller reduces potential for infection and eliminates sterilization issues with quarantined or isolated patients. The PressureEasy® Cuff Pressure Controller does away with managing and inventorying of manometers, issues of availability, calibrating, and replacement of reusable manometers.

  • Ordering Information

    Box quantity: 10

    Please see the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

  • Product Benefits

    • Monitors endotracheal cuff pressure level between 20-30 H2O
    • Guards against aspiration and tracheal damage
    • Pressure feedback line designed to eliminate cuff leaks at peak inspiratory pressure

Product Specifications

PressureEasy® Cuff Pressure Monitor

PressureEasy® Cuff Pressure Monitor

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