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Bivona® Small Diameter Aire-Cuf® Wire Reinforced


The Small Diameter Aire-Cuf® wire reinforced all silicone endotracheal tube offers an air-filled cuff design with the added feature of wire reinforcement for maximum patient comfort. The soft silicone material and low trauma tip help improve patient comfort. Available in pediatric TTS (tight-to-shaft) Magill styles and adult Murphy or Magill styles.

  • Ordering Information

    Box quantity: 1

    Please see the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

  • Product Benefits

    • The integral stainless steel reinforcing wire provides a kink resistant airway regardless of head and neck position or manipulation of the tube.
    • Small Diameter Aire-Cuf® tubes have a blue pilot balloon; Small Diameter TTS Aire-Cuf® tubes have a clear pilot balloon.

Product Specifications

Small Diameter Aire-Cuf® Oral / Nasal Wire Reinforced Tubes (silicone)


Reorder CodeID (mm)OD (mm)Length (mm)
35W0606.08.728.0 cm
35W0656.59.428.0 cm
35W0707.010.030.0 cm
35W0757.510.430.0 cm
35W0808.011.031.0 cm
35W0858.511.831.0 cm
35W0909.012.331.0 cm
35W0959.513.331.0 cm
Notes: All Bivona® Small Diameter Aire-Cuf® and Small Diameter TTS™ Aire-Cuf® wire reinforced endotracheal tubes come with a standard 15 mm ISO connector.

Small Diameter TTS™ Aire-Cuf® Oral/Nasal Wire Reinforced Tubes* (silicone)


Reorder CodeID (mm)OD (mm)Length (mm)
35W0252.54.014.0 cm
35W0303.04.716.0 cm
35W0353.55.318.0 cm
35W0404.06.020.0 cm
35W0454.56.722.0 cm
35W0505.07.324.0 cm
35W0555.58.026.0 cm
Notes: * TTS™ (tight-to-shaft) tubes have clear pilot balloon.