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Anesthesia Accessories and Connectors


Smiths Medical manufactures a variety of high quality accessories to support effective Airway Management.

  • Product Benefits

    • Catheter Mounts are lightweight by design.
    • The versatile Cuff inflation gauge combines the advantages of controlled cuff inflation with precise pressure monitoring.
    • The Y piece connector is a modified Ayres T piece that has a flow tube at an acute angle to reduce bulk.
  • Ordering Information

    Minimum order quantity: 1

    Please see the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of the indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.

Product Specifications


Reorder CodeDescriptionUnits
002837Flex Tube 6.5”50
100/250/001Connector - Swivel 15mm reusable10
100/251/001Catheter Mount Adaptor Female 15mm10
100/255/150Connector Double Swivel10
100/257/000Connector Fibreoptic Bronchoscope Swivel 15mm10
100/276/000Y Piece Connector10
100/568/000Cuff Inflator Pressure Gauge with Connecting Tubes1
100/569/000Separate connecting tubes1
100/590/000Catheter Mount without Double Swivel Connector20
100/594/000Catheter Mount with Double Swivel Connector10